Katakana Women’s Cropped Top


The Katakana Women’s cropped top is the definition of kawaii mixed with low-key effort. Made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton this cropped top is comfortable enough to wear anywhere! Most of all, it isn’t too short to the point where your mum will make you change outfits on the way out! P.S. did you notice that it’s blackpink? Show your love and support for SAT by rocking this one.

Taking Orders till 11/25/2019

1. When will my order arrive? 

Ans:To keep prices low, we print and ship everything in one big batch (that's why there's a countdown!). It'll get to you 20  days after the clock hits zero. And if we do not sell at least 250, we will have to cancel the batch and refund you.

2. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Ans: Contact meghan.doan@freshprints.com

3. How much are shipping and tax?

Ans: It’s all included!

Disclaimer: The image is watermarked with Subte Asian Traits Logo, the actual art is only the chest area that is darker.

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